This is a brief version of my website and I look forward to welcoming you in my practices in Vienna, Hamerlingplatz 4/5, 1080 or in Neulengbach, Garnisonstraße 218, 3040, Austria.

I aim to fully understand you and your challenges and consider your entire body to determine the root cause of your concerns.

By using a variety of hands on techniques from Osteopathy, Chiropractic, Shiatsu and other manual therapies I will release stress and strain in your body, using a very developed sense of palpation to discern the tensions and areas in need. In my work I value the inter-relationships between all the systems of the body, and aim to restore balance within and between the muscles, joints, bones, nerves, vessels, connective tissues and internal organs.

Please call +43 664 4767662 (sms or whatsapp also possible) or write to for getting an appointment.

Take care,